DePalma-December 2023 Business of the Month

DePalma draws guests into their fashion oasis, a unique and vibrant boutique. Madeleine and Vanessa are the dynamic mother-daughter duo who, with their combined passion and creativity, have carved a niche for themselves in the local fashion scene. The moment you step through the doors, you’re enveloped in a world of handmade, fashionable attire that exudes a tropical laid-back yet sophisticated vibe. The carefully curated pieces showcase the pair’s commitment to creating stylish and comfortable clothing that transcends trends. DePalma promotes a strong connection to the community. Madeleine and Vanessa support local businesses by providing a platform for artists and jewelry makers to showcase their talents within the store, too. Their commitment to community engagement doesn’t stop there. DePalma is a firm supporter of the Ivanhoe Village Main Street promotions, from participation to brainstorming. They understand the importance of collaborative efforts, actively engaging with other business owners in the area to create a synergy that benefits everyone involved. Recently, DePalma unveiled their winter line in a spectacular fashion show hosted at the Ivanhoe Village Dell Anno, a showroom for upscale custom cabinetry and closets, with delicious refreshments served by the district’s John Michael Catering.  The event, like DePalma themselves, was a celebration of style, creativity, and community spirit.