Diversion.Orlando Brings Sustainability to Ivanhoe Village

Clothing trends are changing and at a seemingly breakneck pace. The quick turnaround between trends isn’t just in your imagination; the rise of fast fashion has created a demand for new styles. In an attempt to replicate street style in real time, fast fashion brands release new collections regularly. Some brands drop a new collection each week; others get a new item in stock every single day. This “see now, buy now” model of fashion has devastating consequences — on the planet, on workers, on animals, and on consumers. But the fashion industry isn’t accepting the rise of fast fashion quietly. Sustainable clothing alternatives, such as vintage, reworked, and secondhand clothing, have been embraced by consumers. A recent report by ThredUp found that, during the pandemic, over 33 million consumers bought secondhand clothing for the first time. In the next five years, the secondhand market is projected to double.  And while some retailers are just beginning to embrace resale, businesses like Diversion.Orlando have always been rooted in sustainable practices. 

Bringing Sustainability to Ivanhoe Village

Born out of a love for vintage goods and a passion for sustainability, Diversion.Orlando offers vintage, reworked, and secondhand clothing and goods. In addition to rare finds and high-quality clothing, Diversion.Orlando specializes in localized vintage threads. Whether you’re looking for that retired Magic jersey or hoping to score a relic from the early theme park days, scoring a rare find isn’t all that rare when you’re shopping here. Every inch of the store is lined with clothing racks that are overflowing with vintage threads. What little space is left is brought to life by old cameras, oddball knick knacks, and retro signage. Having recently celebrated their one year anniversary, Diversion.Orlando has established themselves as a critical player in Orlando’s secondhand market. 

Diversion.Orlando, an Ivanhoe Village Business Member, is open Wednesday through Sunday. Follow Diversion.Orlando on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with new inventory.