Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream-Another New Business-Mar2022

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice scream!  We welcome the iconic Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream scoop shop to Ivanhoe Village.  Kelly’s is located on the green at The Hall on The Yard at 1404 Alden Road.

You may be familiar with Kelly’s, but we are excited to have a location right here in our neighborhood!  What a wonderful spot for a sweet treat after work or school, after a meal out, or after a short walk from home to celebrate everyday joys.  All of Kelly’s ice creams and sorbets, which includes a vegan selection, are uniquely created flavors, using high quality ingredients.  They offer signature flavors, usually available in the scoop shops, as well creative seasonal features.  You can select scoops of ice cream in a cup or cone, take home a pint or quart of your favorite flavor, or special-order ice cream cakes.  They have fun branded merchandise that any ice cream lover would like to sport.

Your challenge when visiting Kelly’s is determining what flavor(s) to order.  Whatever scoop you choose, you will have a big smile on your face after your first bite!