Washburn Imports-October 2023 Business of the Month

Washburn Imports is celebrating 26 years of creativity, sustainability, and adventure for all who seek distinctive and exotic home furnishing!

Not your average furniture store, Washburn Imports is a testament to partners John Washburn’s and Paul Jones’ passion for travel, unique craftsmanship, and sustainable living. John and Paul have traveled throughout Asia to discover one-of-a-kind and high-quality pieces. Their most recent expedition last May led them to the enchanting land of Thailand, where they unearthed an exquisite collection of treasures that just arrived this week. The incoming additions from Thailand are bound to pique your senses with their intricate designs, colors and textures.

By day, Washburn Imports serves as a captivating showroom where guests can explore an array of exotic furniture and home decor. The warm and inviting ambiance makes it easy to spend time here, imagining how each piece could transform your living space. In the evenings, The Imperial transforms Washburn’s into an intimate wine bar that is perfect for unwinding and sharing stories of your day’s discoveries. Sip on a glass of wine or a local craft beer, surrounded by John and Paul’s global treasures. With John’s passion for music, guests are sure to catch a local band playing most nights.

Exciting news is on the horizon for Washburn Imports! At the end of this month, they are set to debut a full menu, adding a culinary dimension to the already enchanting establishment. Guests are encouraged to keep an eye out for an eclectic menu that will delight the taste buds and complement the worldly ambiance.

Here’s to many more years of discovery, magic and delight in Ivanhoe Village!