Ivanhoe Village Vibes: A Music Series

Ivanhoe Village Vibes: United Arts of Central Florida’s Community Vibrancy Grant Ignites Live Music Series

Orlando, FL (April 15, 2024) – Ivanhoe Village is set to reverberate with the rhythm of live music as Ivanhoe Village Main Street proudly announces the launch of “Ivanhoe Village Vibes,” a dynamic live music series made possible by United Arts of Central Florida, your local arts agency. This initiative aims to infuse local businesses with the vibrant energy of live performances while spotlighting the talent of Orlando’s performing artists.

Supported by the Community Vibrancy grant awarded by United Arts, Ivanhoe Village Vibes will transform select venues throughout the district into bustling hubs of artistic expression. This grant underscores United Arts’ commitment to fostering creativity, community engagement, and economic growth through the arts.

“We are excited to unveil Ivanhoe Village Vibes as a collaboration of culture, commerce, and community,” said Allex Englett, Ivanhoe Village Executive Director. “This initiative not only invigorates our small businesses, who have been hit hard with construction related impacts, but also serves as a platform for talented local performers, creating a win-win scenario for our neighborhood.”

Local businesses in the Ivanhoe Village district are eagerly embracing the opportunity to host live music events, recognizing the positive impact they can have on foot traffic and customer engagement. By partnering with United Arts, these establishments are welcoming the arts as a catalyst for community revitalization and growth.


Ivanhoe Park Brewing: Adam Moreno on April 20 at 4PM

Gnarly Barley: Tyler Crane on May 3 at 5:30PM

The Pinery: Griffin Sinclair on May 8 at 6PM

Eyre Home: “Pride, Prejudice & Promposals” cast on May 19 at 4PM

Russell’s on Lake Ivanhoe: Robert Caperna on May 26th at 12PM

Hammered Lamb: Adam Moreno on May 27 at 12PM

Mennello Museum of American Art: Hannah Stokes on May 31 at 5:30PM

GB’s Bottle Shop: Hannah Stokes on June 16 at 2PM

Hideaway Bar: week of June 17

Rare Earth Gift: Fo’i Meleah on June 30th at 11AM

Join us as we come together to celebrate the transformative power of music and community in Ivanhoe Village. For more information and updates on Ivanhoe Village Vibes, check back here or follow us on social media.


Allex Englett, Ivanhoe Village Main Street Executive Director