FACTUR Producing Face Shields for Medical Staff

FACTUR Producing Face Shields for Medical Staff

By: Christian Switzer

The week of March 11th changed a lot of things in our daily lives. One local team came together to face the problem and find ways to help. Factur a local maker-space,  in Ivanhoe Village, which has an abundance of tools for crafting, art, and repairs. Everything from welding to 3D printing, on a membership based program. 

Local sewing company,  C+C Sewing, was initially contacted and connected to both local hospitals, AdventHealth Orlando and Orlando Health. Offering to sew emergency back up masks for medical staff using a technique out of Washington State. In the hard-hit Washington state, a hospital demonstrated how to create masks out of surgical sheeting. Offering a barrier to be used over N95 masks and easily disposed of and replaced while preserving the essential N95 masks. C+C Sewing stands by willing and ready to serve, when or if needed. 

Eddie Cantu’s family owns and operates Factur. When the COVID-19 pandemic began to make its way across the United States, he immediately jumped into action. Eddie contacted Factur member, John Howard, known as Swami, and they began researching options for 3D printing ventilator parts, masks, and face shields.”We want to pull our knowledge and resources together to support our hospitals and protect our community,” says Eddie Cantu  They determined that out of those options, Factur had the materials and skills to create the face shields. Eddie and Swami have spent weeks, tirelessly working to create these masks. 3D printing the frame and using their laser cutter to cut the shield portion. Eddie has researched extensively to qualify for the criteria set out by the hospitals in order to accept these shields. Contacted by printers throughout the state, Eddie began working closely with John Vu, a local printer who was creating these shields at the same time. 

After creating a network of printers, Eddie reached out to Glenn Closson at Ivanhoe Park Brewing, requesting to use his currently unused taproom to collect face shields from all over the state. Luckily, Glenn, who is open for package sales both online and pick up, agreed readily. Collection has already begun and FACTUR is in touch with the City of Orlando to assist with placement.

If you would like to help FACTUR create these face shields, they are using this link to purchase additional materials.

This is a developing story and will be updated.