Ivanhoe Village Business of the Month: Better Than Sex

Bring on the Innuendos

When I entered Better Than Sex, I was immediately met with intimate lighting, warm red decor with dazzling hanging chandeliers, and a very busy and polite hostess. I would highly recommend making a reservation well in advance of arriving; they tend to be completely booked each night. There are two booths that offer outside seating where you can soak in the quiet atmosphere in the northern part of Ivanhoe Village off of Orange Avenue. I, however, chose a booth inside due to the cold weather.

There is something so comforting about being surrounded by the color red and the small space lends itself to providing a sense of intimacy within the dining area. The iPad menus are definitely a highlight within the whole experience. There are pictures for each innuendo-laden treat and a short description.

Better Than Sex is well known for their cocktails and the creative glassware they are served in. The “French Kiss” is a glass of Champagne that is covered in caramel and brûléed sugar. I really enjoyed the unique flavor combination of the caramel and Champagne.

After browsing through all the dessert options, I settled on “The Morning After,” comprised of Danish brie cheese, dark Belgian chocolate, and cinnamon sugar on two slices of brioche bread and served with a side of strawberry Champagne soup. One of the sweetest grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had and it was absolutely astounding how delicious this was.

When you visit Better Than Sex, make a reservation to guarantee seating, bring at least one friend so you can try more items, and be sure to bring your sweet tooth. My experience at Better Than Sex was fantastic and I will be headed back as soon as I can get another reservation!

– Christian Switzer
Ivanhoe Village Main Street District Board Member


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