New Anti-Aging clinic opens in Ivanhoe Village

By: Verbelee Neilsen-Swanson

Like a Virgin is a wellness and anti-aging clinic using IV nutrition therapy. This specialized therapy can include administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients by intravenous infusion. The human body is constantly repairing itself from injuries  which may come from radiation, pollutants, chemical assaults from things we eat, to the things we put on our skin.

IV therapy can influence and enhance cellular function and repair. Services include filler injections, weight loss therapy via injectables and custom programs, intravenous vitamin therapy for the benefit of the immune system support/boost, athletic performance/recovery, beauty enhancement, combating the ill effects of anxiety, stress and fatigue. The skilled technicians at Like A Virgin also offer the world-famous hang-over hydration cure, which is always a favorite in Ivanhoe Village.  

Dr. Cori Rodriguez and her team strive to enhance health on a daily basis and are committed to helping individuals understand how they can achieve their optimal health goals.  They are also able to provide mobile services.  

Relax, recharge and enhance your health while receiving your IV therapy  n a relaxing and beautiful 2nd floor space overlooking Lake Ivanhoe at 1225-B N. Orange Avenue at Swanson’s Ivanhoe Row.