The Pinery, a look at the past and a must-see stop in Orlando

By Christian Switzer

When you step through the magnificent doors to The Pinery you can already see the vast amount of detailing that went into the build out of this location. Carol Holladay, owner and operator of The Pinery, has clearly put her heart and soul into this endeavor. With many previously unseen photos of the historic Ivanhoe Village scattered throughout the restaurant, you can feel “old Florida” in the air. Because of this attention to detail, guests are sure to pick their favorite booth based on the beautiful photos of the pineries of the past. Pineapple farms, known as pineries were throughout the Lake Ivanhoe shores, as story told on the walls of this gorgeous location.

Chef Naomi Freeman, previously of Santiago’s Bodega, has truly outdone herself on this menu. From house made shrimp ceviche to Florida grouper, classic dishes abound. Leave room for dessert because you’ll want to try the delicate and delicious Hummingbird Cake. Without a doubt this The Pinery is now a must-see location in the heart of Orlando.