The idea for Santiago's Bodega was born out of a childhood dream and a quest for adventure.

Founder and Operator Jason Dugan knew he wanted to open a restaurant from an early age. His idea was to create an atmosphere where a welcoming staff would host a giant party each evening. Jason believed that a tapas-style dining experience could only compliment this vision, and would give guests the opportunity to taste a wide variety of dishes.

Today, Santiago's Bodega is the embodiment of Jason's dream: a welcoming neighborhood restaurant where you can enjoy great food with family and friends who turn into family.

Please take a moment to look around you and note the love and dedication that goes into creating each Bodega. Creative Director, artist Robert Henry Thompson, is responsible for not only the remarkable artwork but also for the look and feel that so acutely defines Santiago's Bodega. Under Robert's leadership, the tables and bar have been built using reclaimed wood, the stained-glass doors have been uniquely pieced together, and the floors have been hand laid. Even the outdoor signs are handcrafted, built by family out of wood harvested from an old barn at Jason's childhood home.  As with his food, Jason believes that building each restaurant from scratch provides quality not attainable with ordering preassembled product.

Stained glass and extraordinary flooring may help set a tone, but the staff at Santiago's Bodega is, without a doubt, the number one reason for success.  These team members are here to welcome you to our house, and to throw the best party each and every evening.  Thank you for enjoying our neighborhood restaurant. The entire team wishes you good health and great food.

What is Bodega Life?  It is approaching every day as a new adventure.  It is ordering all the appetizers off a menu and making every dinner tapas-style.”  It is hanging out with teammates on your days off.  It is making friendships with both co-workers and patrons that last a lifetime.  It is traveling to a different Santiago’s locations for lunch, even though they serve the same food at your location.

Bodega Life is having somewhere to belong, no matter what color your hair, how many tattoos you have, or who you love.  Bodega Life is being one of the Santiago’s Bodega family.

Without a doubt, the team at Santiago’s Bodega is the backbone to our success.  These team members are here to welcome you to our house, and to throw the best party for you each and every evening.

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  • July 25, 2024 6:03 am local time

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